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At Agents of Success we understand that fighting poverty takes more than sending material goods to developing countries. We strive to work in the minds of people first, empowering them to understand why they are here on this earth, and to help them become strong members of their community.

We do this in two ways:

  • Facilitating education for individuals with intent on total community development

  • Providing interest free financial lending to individuals inspired to create sustainable economic growth in their community


The purpose of our training:

1. To establish a business philosophy based on Biblical principles.

2. To establish that God's design for each person, their purpose and personal potential, is the starting point for the success of any project, business, company or non-profit organization.

3. To redefine the concept of success.

4. To break the poverty mentality.

5. To provide basic concepts for creating, starting, maintaining and developing a successful business.

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